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I'm truly blessed beyond words with my results! Dr. Wong and Shigeri are both super caring and awesome individuals! Dr. Wong is an outstanding and skilled plastic surgeon, an artist at his craft! When I first entered his office, I was greeted with a warm welcoming smile from a beautiful lady behind the desk, it turned out to be Mrs. Shigeri Wong. I felt totally comfortable and at ease. Dr. Wong was very easy to talk to and he answered all my questions and listened carefully to all the concerns that I had. After giving me his professional advice, he explained his intergraded method of practice. From that moment, I was where I needed to be. After years of wanting a tummy tuck, the reality was just around the corner! Living on another island, all plans, paperwork and details was important. Shigeri helped me get thing in order. I could always call and get the answers I needed anytime.Dr. Wong is a perfectionist!Dr. Wong and Shigeri make such an awesome team!From that first moment in his office, its been one exciting journey to a new and beautiful me!Its been a little over three months and I am super happy about my new look and I feel great!I'm so blessed to have the best plastic surgeon in Hawaii!Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Wong and Shigeri for all that you have done for me!!!
After checking out several doctors I decided on Dr. Wong to do my breast reduction surgery, two weeks post op and I know I made the right decision. During the consult he patiently answered all my questions and I never felt rushed or like I didn’t have his full attention. He walked me through the surgery and told me what to expect, one thing being little to no pain post surgery. True to his word I had ZERO PAIN never needing any pain killers, not even Tylenol! Dr Wong is absolutely the best and my only regret is not doing the surgery years ago.
My first time in a plastic surgeon's office! Super nice faculty and Dr. Wong was very informative and comforting. He was not trying to sell me any procedures and even recommended that I take my time with any decisions.I was assaulted last week and was worried about my face because I do direct sales.Very nice place - definitely recommended.
I would totally do it again, the experience was totally without stress. Dr. Wong and staff makes you feel comfortable from the first consultation. He explains in full detail what you will experience and will answer any questions ( I had silly ones) that you have before and after the surgery. His staff makes you feel welcome, I love the intimate setting. I would recommend Dr Wong totally. He is highly skilled and at the same time very compassionate. I feel 100% better about myself, thanks to Dr. Wong.
Dr. Wong and his support staff of Maria and Mrs. Wong were all knowledgeable, helpful, and reassuring. Dr. Wong himself did a great job. A few years ago, he had done some work for me, and now, at 64, I was getting some loose skin on my neck, my “jowels,” and my eyes. Dr. Wong spent as much time as I needed on my consultations and on follow-up appointments. After the surgery, I had no pain but was quite uncomfortable due to the expected swelling. I also had a lot of bruising and chose to stay at home until the bruising subsided. Now I’m out and about, and friends tell me that I look great. People don’t believe that I’m a grandmother. Today I had an eye doctor appointment, and the doctor was impressed at how young I look. She also said that sometimes people have very dry eyes after the eye procedures, but that Dr. Wong had done a very good job of preventing that from happening. Dr. Wong has told me that it will take a year for the full benefit of the surgery to show, but I’m already happy with the result. Thank you, Dr. Wong!
Dr Wong and Maria were very professional and compassionate and explained everything in detail. Recovery was easier then anticipated and I am very happy with the results. Natural and not overdone. Mrs. Wong is also very compassionate. Rating is A+.
A highly professional and personable team. The receptionist Maria accepted my call when their office was closing, she scheduled me a consultation for the next day, and Dr. Wong himself called me back within a 5-minute time period; all responses I did not receive from the several doctors I contacted beforehand. Their office is a quiet, clean and intimate space where you can easily feel comfortable because there is no overlap between patients checking in. The procedure was for my hand and wasn't even cosmetic, but he insisted on performing surgery the day of my consultation. He was very confident in his examination and thoroughly explained any information I needed regarding the operation (preparation, cost, recovery). The entire process was complete in a couple hours and he provided the materials/medication I needed. I had a follow-up the next day as well as 6 months later. He performed cold laser treatment and a complete examination both times. Overall, Dr. Wong should be a first choice when deciding on surgery. He is honest, patient, understanding, and most definitely knowledgeable. Contacting his office is effortless and one visit will eliminate your uncertainty.
Dr Wong is the most amazing plastic surgeon on this planet. He is a compassionate, knowledgeable, aesthetically in-tuned and conscientious man of great integrity. He truly listens to what you need and does everything within his power to achieve the look you want. He has the best bedside manner and is a genius artist and master of his craft.
I returned home from a cruise that had a horrifyingly intense magnifying make-up mirror in our suite. I was aware that my under eye area was looking 66 years old but was not prepared for the moment when I first saw myself in that magnifying mirror. The eye bags were way worse than I had imagined and as soon as I returned from my trip I made an appointment to see Dr. Wong. The entire process from the consult to the surgery day and post-op appointments was easy and stress free.Maria, Dr. Wong's receptionist and assistant, was a gem all the way through and even assisted during the surgery preparation. Something I didn't expect at all was Dr.Wong's lovely wife, Shigeri, to sit by me during the surgery and literally hold my hand for reassuring support during the operation. They are an amazing, caring and professional team! I'm 100% happy with the results and magnifying mirrors don't scare me anymore! Dr. Wong is a great listener, interpreter and highly skilled surgeon.
Great experience Dr Wong is really gifted.
Dr. Wong and his staff are all truly wonderful! It was difficult to choose 1 staff who stood out the most but Charlotte was my first point of contact and she made me feel comfortable. I would have selected "all of the above" had that been an option. The facility is clean and modern. Dr. Wong addressed all my concerns and has been with me every step of the way. I am still healing but I think it looks good and will only get better over time. I highly recommend that if you are considering plastic surgery you come and see Dr. Wong.
I am so grateful to have had Dr.Wong perform my proceedure. I immediately felt comfortable with him during our consultation . Dr. Wong has your health as his major priority. He has an amazing staff as well. Professional and courteous . During my proceedure Mrs .Wong was by my side the entire time. Maria was always friendly and welcoming . I Couldn't be happier with my results and my recovery . Thank you Dr.Wong and staff for the TLC..
Dr. Wong is the best and I would highly recommend him. If you are squeamish or fearful of having a procedure, his calm energy and highly skilled hands will put you at ease. Two years ago I noticed a small bump on my left eyelid. I didn’t think much of it until it began to grow. My closest friends noticed it and were worried for me. After much research I found that I had a Chalazion that was caused by a blocked duct. I tried several homeopathic and alternative therapies with some noticeable and obvious results in shrinking it, however, as I was told by several practioners, I just waited to long and in the end, none of the progress lasted. The bump continued to grow and was very unsightly and embarrassing to say the least. A trusted client of mine kept telling me about Dr. Wong and encouraging me to see him. She had been to him to have double eyelid surgery and she looked fantastic. There was no sign of any scar or that she had any work done at all. I was afraid of having surgery but she reassured me that Dr. Wong was excellent, calming and caring and I had nothing to worry about. I wish I had listened to her sooner! Dr. Wong was all she said he’d be and more. His office is small, quaint, immaculate, warm and inviting. His staff was kind and patient. Maria helped me with my scheduling of appointments, paperwork, and questions to be relayed to the Dr.. When it was time for the procedure, she literally held my hand! What a sweet girl and calming presence.Dr. Wong is not only a highly skilled Plastic Surgeon but a Metaphysician as well. We connected on a deeper, more spiritual level and I could FEEL his calm and caring energy from start to finish. During my first consultation, Dr. Wong made me feel at ease. He answered every question that my husband and I asked, many beyond basic common sense questions, as we had done a great deal of research on our own. I never felt rushed or pressured. He was thorough in his explanations and I felt that he respected my concerns. This was definitely not the usual Dr. - Patient experience that I was used to!A week later when I had the procedure, I was calm and at peace. Dr. Wong’s energy was the same. Considering I have always been extremely fearful of Dr.’s, dental work, procedures and surgery, to me, this was nothing short of miraculous. While Dr. Wong was meticulously excising this large bump off my inner eyelid, I could FEEL how careful and intentional he was being. He was focused and committed to giving me the absolute best result possible. Although this might be hard to believe, I was so happy during the procedure and after! I barely felt a thing. NO PAIN before during or after. The recovery was smooth as I committed myself to my healing. My experience with Dr. Wong was more than just having a bump removed. It was a healing experience for me, and one that I’m grateful for. To look at me now, you’d never know that I wore this embarrassing “eye sore” for 2 years! I feel myself again, thrilled to be able to look people in the eye.Don't let fear stop you from becoming your best self...with a little help!
Dr. Wong and staff are warm, courteous, professional and honest. If you do not need a procedure, even though you are willing to spend the money, Dr. Wong will tell you. I completely trust his judgement, skill, and candor.
I was referred to Dr. Wong by a skin care specialist and am glad I went to see him. The office is so clean, everyone is so nice and Dr. Wong was so good in explaining my options and what I could expect when it was done. I am very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend him for any type of improvements you may be considering. I wish I had done it earlier!
The whole staff is amazing and took such great care of me!! I cannot believe how fast I have recovered from surgery! I am 8 days out and I feel incredible!!!! I am so happy with my results and choosing Dr. Wong and his wonderful staff!!!! Thank you all so much for making me feel so comfortable!
I am so happy with Dr. Wong and his staff. They are awesome! Very friendly, helpful and professional!I was nervous to even call his office - but when I finally did, I spoke with Char (Office Manager) - who is amazing -- so I scheduled my appointment for a consultation.Dr. Wong listened to what I wanted to have done. He provided me with all the information I needed about my surgery - what I needed to do to prepare and what to expect during and after surgery. I felt very comfortable and very informed.The surgery was a breeze - quick and painless.I am currently four-weeks post-op from having my surgery. Almost fully healed, and feeling and looking great!I am so appreciative of Dr. Wong and his staff. I highly recommend him!
Amazing staff and amazing experience. Highly recommended due to their professionalism and superb results! Thank you.
Dr. Wong is the best out there, I give Dr. Wong 5 stars for my wonderful experience, If I could give him an extra star for having an amazing staff I would! He takes time with his patients, He has an eye for Beauty and is a perfectionist and his work shows. I love the new me thanks to him I HIGHLY recommend him to my family and friends. I had consultations with a few different plastic surgeons in Oahu but never felt very comfortable until I had my consultation with Dr. Wong. He answered all of my questions and eased all of my fears about surgery. The anesthesiologist came in introduced himself informed me on what will take place, I loved that makes me feel ease going in. Best PS ever! Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful. I cannot thank you enough! My husband was very impressed and thankful as well.
I would like to say that Doctor Wong and his staff are extremely professional and great. Every time I have an appointment, I have the best results.

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