It’s not uncommon for Honolulu Plastic Surgery to see patients that come from outside of their local area, the neighbor islands, or even from out-of-state to undergo surgical procedures by Dr. Wong. Some even come to get work done before flying to the mainland for a special occasion like a wedding, vacation, or class reunion. It’s because of these scenarios that Dr. Wong and the staff are always asked by these patients, “is it safe for me to travel after having surgery?”

First off, how do you intend to travel? If you come by car or bus, you may not have any travel restrictions at all. The only real issue is if you are sitting too long, which could lead to DVT or “deep vein thrombosis.” This is a situation where a blood clot can form in one or more veins deep within your body, usually affecting the legs. Post-surgery, your body works extra hard to clot to protect injured tissues and prevent bleeding. Sometimes the larger clots can form and break apart and travel in other parts of your body causing a stroke, pulmonary embolism, or heart attack.

This is why if you are flying in for a surgical procedure at Honolulu Plastic surgery, it’s recommended that you stay in the area for 24 to 48 hours following a minor procedure. For more serious procedures like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, those require up to seven days of rest and healing before you attempt to travel.

If you have specific questions or doubts, it’s best that you consult with Dr. Wong for his recommendation based on the type of procedure you’re undergoing and the travel you intend on doing. It’s also very important to follow the recommended care plan to keep your body healthy and safe.

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