A SkinCeuticals treatment is designed to effectively address specific skin concerns to improve visible signs of aging, acne, and uneven skin tone. At Honolulu Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wong and his team are committed to maximizing the overall health of your skin and offers advanced SkinCeutical treatments.

Dr. Wong’s treatments include a combination of office treatments as well as an at-home care regimen to improve wrinkles, fine lines and other premature signs of aging to make your skin visibly healthier and vibrant looking.

Advanced SkinCeuticals Treatments

One of the advantages of utilizing the services of Honolulu Plastic Surgery is the access to pharmaceutical grade products that compliment clinical facial treatments at the office. As an authorized SkinCeuticals professional, patients will reap all the benefits that Dr. Wong and his team provides in your quest for healthier and younger looking skin. You will receive superior and long-lasting results with minimal drawbacks to your skin’s vitality and health.

Improved Appearance

Pre-conditioning is essential to have SkinCeutical products applied to your skin to reduce discomfort and downtime that you may experience and Dr. Wong will advise you to ensure you get the best of what these procedures have to offer. If you are ready to restore your skin’s radiance, contact Honolulu Plastic Surgery for a consultation and discover how Advanced SkinCeuticals as well as other procedures at Honolulu Plastic Surgery may benefit you.