Any medical decision involving surgery is a serious one, and a facelift is nothing short of this type of decision. While there are several factors to consider, a patient’s age is one of the primary issues for most doctors before proceeding with a facelift procedure. So is there a magic number or ideal age to get a facelift?

People opt for a facelift for a variety reasons, including medical and cosmetic. Many patients pursue a facelift to build confidence in their appearance or for a more youthful look as they age. Many potential patients have consulted Honolulu Plastic Surgery about the age that’s best to perform a facelift, however it should be noted that there really is no optimum age to undergo facelift surgery. Regardless of your age at the time of your procedure, it’s always important that you have an experienced board certified plastic surgeon performing the work to ensure your desired outcome.

Having a facelift before 50?

Younger recipients tend to have better overall results than those deciding to it later in life because they generally have stronger cells and recovery faster. Often times those who perform the procedure at a younger age, will have several facelifts throughout their lifetime as a personal choice to retain their youthful appearance.

Having a facelift after 50?

Facelift procedures are more prevalent among the older age group because many of them are unhappy with their appearance as they age. Recovery after the procedure tends to be longer for this age group because skin cells do not regenerate as fast later in life. The procedure itself is often typically more invasive and complex in nature so it’s important that patients identify all the factors and issues that may arise before rushing into a decision to get a facelift.

Medical professionals always want their clients to understand the risks and rewards of undergoing any surgical procedure and anyone considering a facelift should be aware that there could be some complications that may arise. It’s always best to consult with your surgeon if you have any questions or concerns about the procedure. Ultimately, any serious medical decision should be conducted with plenty of informational input.

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