When it comes to scheduling your plastic surgery procedure, there really is no optimum season or time of the year for your procedure. We have noticed, however, that there are some specific reasons many women choose the fall part of the year. Primarily, women choose to undergo their surgeries before the holidays so that they allow their body time to heal so they look and feel more attractive for Christmas and the New Year when they are more active with holiday festivities and gatherings. Each individual is different and they have their own personal reasons but self-confidence is an important factor during this time. Here are a few things to consider.

Scheduling your procedure

For procedures such as breast augmentation, the cooler seasons such as the fall are ideal because the incisions are more significant, and covering the wound is often required which means wearing garments that may be uncomfortable in warmer weather. As mentioned above, there is a recovery period and with a breast augmentation, this could take longer. So if you would like to get back to normalcy before the holidays, it’s best to schedule your procedure in September.

Other procedures such as liposuction, are typically performed year-round but it may be best to schedule for the summer because it’s relatively easier to recover from than more invasive procedures.

Is there a time of year best suited for a Mommy Makeover?

Another popular question among Honolulu Plastic Surgery patients is when should I schedule my Mommy Makeover? Again, while there is no “best time of year” to schedule a Mommy Makeover, one thing to keep in mind is allowing yourself the time to recovery. For women who have families and young to intermediate children, you may want to consider scheduling the procedure when they are in school. Many of our mommy makeover recipients want some real “me time,” so when the kids are in school, you’ll have the time to focus on personal healing needs during the day. 

If you have questions about when is the best time to schedule your procedure, contact us at Honolulu Plastic Surgery. It’s important you choose and consult with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Wong who has a long track record of successful surgeries for our clients. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for more advice and answers to questions that you may have.