Many women seeking breast augmentation have one common question for our staff, and that’s which size implant should they choose. Hollywood and the adult entertainment industry have led to a misconception that implants should be large and over-the-top in appearance. However, the truth is sometimes less is more—the smaller and more natural variety is actually more desired and commonplace than what you see in the media.

When it comes to implants, plastic surgery offers an ideal size for everyone. You could choose to go the path of eye-popping larger implants, however, recent trends suggest otherwise that a more subtle, natural looking approach is actually more popular. 

It is always easier to start off with smaller implants and decide later to increase the size versus downsizing to smaller implants if you start large. Smaller implants are also better suited for women who live an active lifestyle and are involved with sports or other physical activities that larger implants would limit. 

All of these decisions, however, can be made once you consult with Dr. Wong and his staff who can help you select the size, placement, and shape of your implants based on your desired needs and lifestyle. You can also consult with Dr. Wong on the type of incisions, which can be periareolar or inframammary. A periareolar incision is a work done around the areola, while an inframammary incision are in the breast crease. 

If you have additional questions about your breast augmentation or any other type of procedure, contact Dr. Wong and his staff at Honolulu Plastic Surgery. It’s important you receive advice on such matters from an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Wong who has a long track record of successful surgeries for our clients. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for more advice and answers to plastic surgery-related questions.