One thing that has always been clear to Dr. Wong and his staff when it comes to Honolulu Plastic Surgery breast augmentation patients, is that they always have a specific goal or benefit in mind when undergoing a procedure. For those women who are on the fence about pursuing a breast augmentation or just not sure what they will get out of it, here are 5 benefits of a breast augmentation procedure that may help them with their decision.

Boost self-confidence
For many women, the size and shape of their breasts are very important to them. For those unhappy with their natural appearance, this can affect their self-esteem and make them feel inferior. A breast augmentation can make them comfortable with their body and give them the self-confidence that they may have been lacking.

Create a more proportional look
Whether you’re simply looking for more balance between your upper and lower body or you prefer a more rounded and fuller look on top, a breast augmentation can help you create the ideal proportion to your body that suits you best.

Correct asymmetry
For women with noticeable asymmetric breasts, the difference can be embarrassingly evident in their clothing. A breast augmentation can help correct and balance out uneven breasts to allow you to properly fit into bras, bathing suits, and other garments.

Feel more youthful
As you get older, your breasts lose its firmness, shrink in size, and start to sag. A breast augmentation can address many of these issues, restore its volume, and allow your breasts to appear perkier, giving you a desired youthful appearance.

Opens the door to a new wardrobe
Shopping for clothing can be a pain and often times embarrassing for women who don’t meet the standard sizing when it comes to fashion. A breast augmentation will allow your breasts to be more in line with standard sizing and give you more options when it comes to building your wardrobe.

If you have any further questions regarding the benefits of a breast augmentation procedure, contact Dr. Randy Wong and his staff at Honolulu Plastic Surgery.