With today’s technology and medical science, our surgical breast augmentation procedure results in less recovery time, with particular attention given to the surrounding tissues and the point of incision to speed up the healing process. The period of recovery generally takes between four to six week with most of the discomfort appearing within the first two weeks of your procedure.

Now that your procedure has concluded, your road to recovery begins. One thing that may always come to mind, is how should I dress after my surgery? This is one of the common questions that my staff at Honolulu Plastic Surgery are asked post-op. During the healing process, the clothes you wear will definitely make a difference. Certain clothing can increase pain and discomfort and prolong your recovery so it’s important that you address this matter appropriately.

When it comes to your undergarments, you should be mindful to wear your surgical bra as recommended since it has a soft band to minimize irritation to the incision areas. Special bras are also made available in the market for post-operative breast augmentation, so you may want to consider this as an option as well as they are made with special fabric materials that help reduce fluid, promote circulation and decrease inflammation. Refrain from wearing your traditional underwire bras, which  may chafe and irritate your incisions. Any compression on an incision could result in scarring and infection, so you’ll want to ease into the transition of wearing a regular sports bra for the next few weeks. It’s also recommended that you buy a slightly larger size bra for comfort as well. Wait at least six weeks following the procedure before you wear any lace bras or lingerie as these types of materials tend to shift the placement of your implants.

Following the first week of the procedure, minimize arm movement and stick to loose-fitting cotton sweatshirts with zippers and button up shirts so that you will not have to lift your arms over your head to get into clothing. Once the pain starts to subside, stick to loose-fitting shirts or zippered sweatshirts for the next two to three weeks. Should the discomfort continue after wearing your regular shirts and wardrobe, return to loose-fitting clothing for a few more weeks.

Normally after six weeks from your procedure, you can expect to resume wearing your normal wardrobe. Be mindful that your new body my result in size changes or the way your clothing fits prior to your surgery. If you have any further questions regarding your post breast augmentation surgery wardrobe, contact Dr. Randy Wong and his staff at Honolulu Plastic Surgery.